Monday Meditation: Are you becoming the person you would most admire?

This weekend was an accidental experiment of the old and new.

What do I mean by that?

I had one “good” day and one “bad”.

I mean that on one day I set out to be the man I wish to be. A man who dedicates himself to contentment, equanimity, creativity and mindful living. I meditated, I exercised, I wrote with passion, and I met the challenges of the day with good grace.

On the other, I was the man I used to be every day, until a relatively short time ago. A man who dithers, takes minimal action, waits for life to offer him happiness on a platter, and bemoans his circumstances. A man who woke up late, wasted the morning, struggled to get out of the house, paid little attention to everything he should be grateful for; his health, his comfortable lifestyle, his lack of basic needs.

That latter man can stay in the weekend. I will be busy being the former.

Meditating on it this morning, I find I am grateful this happened, that I spent a day feeling utterly bereft of life-fulness.


Because it reminded me that the man I am becoming, day by day, through a commitment to regular meditation, purposeful exercise, moral diet, self-reflection, focussed commitment and shameless creativity; is a man I would have looked up to just a few years ago. A man who I would have secretly envied, a man who one cannot deny has earned every drop of contentment he can wring from life.

So, to meditate this morning, ask yourself what man (or woman) are you choosing to become?

Someone you would have admired as a child, or looked up to as a teenager?

Or are you becoming (or have you become) a person you wouldn’t even want to spend a day with, let alone 24 hours every day, for the rest of your existence?

It’s a hard question to give an honest answer to, but I truly believe that an honest answer to it will change your life.

Have a life-full week.

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